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PHOTOMOD Radar – software for spaceborne SAR data processing

The PHOTOMOD Radar software is intended for full-scale processing of Earth remote sensing data acquired by spaceborne radars with synthesized antenna aperture (SAR) such as KOMPSAT-5, Sentinel, ERS-1/2, Radarsat, SIR-C/X, ENVISAT ASAR, TerraSAR-X, ALOS, COSMO-SkyMed and generation of so called "secondary information products" from SAR images, such as digital elevation models. The fact that SAR is the active sensor makes possible reception of required measurements independently of time, day and weather conditions.

PHOTOMOD Radar is built under module principle and comprises a number of separate modules suitable for individual user, along with several default modules, needed for proper operating. PHOTOMOD Radar software includes the following modules and processors:
module for data visualization (viewer);
module for data export/import, including CEOS ERS, CEOS Radarsat, CEOS SIR-C/X, ENVISAT ASAR, TerraSAR-X, ALOS and COSMO-SkyMed;
geocoding processor;
interferometric processor;
stereo processor;
image processing tools;
quality estimation software tools;
oil slicks detection processor;
ship detection processor;
sea waves analysis software tool;
polarimetric processor;
software tool of coherent change detection;
software tool of coherent co-registration of SAR images.

Hardware requirements.
Computer configuration required for working with PHOTOMOD Radar depends significantly on type and volume of tasks which are supposed to be solved.
Generally recommended configuration for comfortable work:
Intel Core i7 processor or similar, CPU clock 3.0 GHz;
4 GB RAM at least;
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 x64.

Interface. Windows-based interface. There are two types of interface - Russian and English.

The PHOTOMOD Radar documentation consists of:
On-line help. There are contextual pages with manuals: information about interfaces, input data and so on.
User's Guide. There are PDF files and (or) printed documentation with information about interfaces, input data and so on.
Field Guide. There are PDF files with processing theory, comparative analysis, results of tests and other useful additional information.
Tour Guide. There are PDF files with examples: execution order of data handling, test data.

Delivery set.
The PHOTOMOD Radar software set includes the following items:
Installation CD-ROM and pdf files with documentation and test data handling
Hard lock key

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