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Geo processor

Interferometric processor

Stereo processor

Image processing tools

Oil slicks detection processor

Ship detection processor

Sea waves analysis software tool

Polarimetric processor

Coherent change detection

Coherent co-registration

Quality estimation software tools

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Process flowsheets

PHOTOMOD Radar works with two remote sensing data types.
First type includes commercial radar systems data, i.e. data that accessible for a wide user groups and spreads without limitation. Such data has full service information for further processing. Software supports data processing from space radar systems ERS-1/2, RADARSAT, ENVISAT. Structure of the program is enlargement, i.e. it is possible to add possibility of data processing from perspective radar system such as RADARSAT-2.
Second type includes data from non-commercial and special radar systems that has specific characteristics and often has not full service information. An example of this type data is airborne SAR data. In order to use such data, it’s necessary to convert data to internal format using Import / Export software tool at first.

Viewer of PHOTOMOD Radar is intended to view images in internal format (RDP), in Windows Bitmap format (BMP), in user’s raster format (it is necessary to enter the image format manually) and from "Resurs" satellite (RSR).

Than you can use one of the processors for generation of secondary information products:
geocoding processor;
interferometric processor;
stereo processor;
image processing tools;
quality estimation software tools;
oil slicks detection processor;
ship detection processor;
sea waves analysis software tool;
polarimetric processor;
software tool of coherent change detection;
software tool of coherent co-registration of SAR images.

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