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Racurs Company Annual Review 2012

Last year was full of significant events in geospatial industry in Russia and the world market of Geoinformatics. In particular, it’s important to note about launched long-awaited Russian Canopus-V satellite, very high resolution SPOT-6 and Pleiades. Current trends of international photogrammetry evolution were discussed at XXII ISPRS Congress and InterGeo.

Commercial and non-profit organizations from 12 countries joined PHOTOMOD user community in 2012. Only in Russia 14 new organizations — PHOTOMOD users appeared. As a result, total number of organizations using PHOTOMOD exceeded 310 and the number of network and local licenses involved in production — 850. The total amount of foreign users now is more than 290. It is worth noting to mention sales on Chinese market, which has practically avoided the influence of the world financial crisis.

The software package PHOTOMOD continued its development, expanding its functionality and raising the productivity of photogrammetric processes. The current version 5.24 offers users support of Pleiades and Canopus-V images processing, support of a new type of metadata for frame VisionMap A3 images, templates for fast and convenient vectorization of roofs and many others.

Last year Racurs launched number of educational projects and on-line sevices, which were appreciated at their true value by users of company’s products. The new project Wiki-photogrammetry, web-cyclopedia for Russian speaking users, was started. Video reports of the conference “From imagery to map”, training videos and webinars are placed on YouTube.

Racurs company conducted Contest of photogrammetric production projects among Russian and international users of PHOTOMOD Lite. Users from 9 countries (Russia, Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Portugal) have submitted their projects. Interesting results and useful experience are the reason to hold Contest in 2013.

We were glad to released Personal account Service, which gives you the possibility to control your PHOTOMOD license structure of modules and period of technical support validity.

In 2012 sales group of RSD executed number of big orders for images delivery for the own projects realization and to satisfy the needs of the third-party customers. Hundreds of images obtained by sensors GeoEye-1, IKONOS, QuickBird, WorldView-1,2 for the territory more than 800000 sq.m. were supplied. Racurs signed Distribution Agreement with Astrium GEO-Information Services and now sell PLEIADES imagery, TerraSAR-X SAR imagery (including Elevation10), Elevation30 and DEIMOS-1 imagery in Russia.

Racurs participated in all most significant for Russian geoinformatics market events of the last year: “Geoform+ 2012”, “GEO-Siberia 2012”, Geodesy, “Mine Survey and Aerial Topography. At the turn of the centuries”, “Earth from Space — the Most Effective Solutions” and others. Achievements of the Company were demonstrated at the following exhibitions abroad: Congress ISPRS 2012 (Australia) and InterGeo 2012 (Germany).

Specialists from Racurs Technical support department together with partners from China SmartSpatio Technologies (Racurs dealer in China) conducted several master-classes dedicated to PHOTOMOD-based technologies in Beijing and Changde.

The 12th International Scientific and Technical Conference “From Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologies” was successfully carried out in Portugal. It gathered 130 managers and specialists from industrial enterprises and academic institutions from 20 countries.

We thank all our partners, colleagues and clients for their co-operation in 2012 and we are looking forward to its continuation and development in 2013!


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