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Students actively study UAS survey technology

In the frame of business-to-educational partnership the UAS, software and hardware suppliers took part in scientific and educational practical training which was held on 21-28 June 2013 on a testing area of Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography.

During the practice students studied all stages of the aerial survey works: planning a flight, GCP mounting, exploration of different UAS models, UAS data processing. Gatewing X100 (Russian distributer of Trimble - NovaNet Co.), GeoScan 101 (Plaz Co.) and Ptero-E5 (AFM-Servers Co.) vehicles were used for the images obtaining.

Photogrammetric work was implemented by the PHOTOMOD system which is the base DPW at the University. Specialists of GNSS+ company demonstrated a process of image projection centres detection based on the 4 ground stations. The resulting error was not more than 6 cm.

Racurs Co is thankful to the practice head Dr. Vladimir Kurkov for the well-organised event and an educational enthusiasm.

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