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Racurs Company Annual Review 2014

Last year became really determinative for Racurs company. Even with the apparent decline on the Russian geoinformatics market, Racurs has successfully completed the year, being able to acquire new partners and users and releasing a new version of DPW PHOTOMOD which will define development of the system in the coming years.

Racurs — progress and perspectives

Acquiring the IT status and successful certification under the international standard of quality management ISO 9000 became very important events for the company. All this confirms the high level of Racurs’ developments and the excellent quality of services. Last year the long-term cooperation with Republic of Kazakhstan was begun. Racurs has concluded cooperation agreement in the field of modern space and information technologies with the National Company “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary”.

Of special note is Racurs’ support of S.A. Kadnichansky English-Russian dictionary of terms for photogrammetry and phototopography edition. Beyond all doubt this book will allow specialists from different countries communicate in the same language. No less important is that Professor Gottfried Konecny used Racurs’ materials for the section devoted to photogrammetry in the 2nd edition of his book Geoinformation: Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geographic Information Systems.


It is satisfying to note that the PHOTOMOD user community continues to grow. Commercial and non-profit organizations from 11 countries joined in 2014. Today there are more than 360 Russian users, and the number of network and local licenses crossed the thousand boundary. PHOTOMOD is used by more than 340 foreign users. In 2014 Racurs concluded a distributor agreement with Arc Bangladesh and OFEK Aerial Photography (Israel) companies.

We would especially like to mention that the presence of Russian photogrammetry technologies was significantly expanded in China. It is worth mentioning that in 2014 we announced new version 6.0. PHOTOMOD 6.0 is developed on the base of the new platform which allows speedier data processing, implements unique algorithms and includes user requested features. The updated system is not only the full changeover to a 64-bit system but also the base for the future development. The new version of PHOTOMOD 6.0 comes with the new module for dense DSM and stand-alone full photogrammetric UAS-oriented software PHOTOMOD UAS.

Participation in Exhibitions and Conferences

Together with colleagues from Technology 2000 we successfully carried out the third regional seminar “3D-modeling. DPW PHOTOMOD”. The tradition of regional seminars was continued in Kazakhstan when we successfully carried out seminar: “Current digital photogrammetry technologies: PHOTOMOD.”

Racurs participated in the most significant Russian geoinformatics market event GeoSiberia (Novosibirsk, Russia) and famous international event INTERGEO 2014 (Berlin, Germany).

One of the most important events in 2014 was the 14th International Scientific and Technical Conference, “From Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologies.” It took place in China. We chose China as the venue, taking into account the increased influence of Chinese on the remote sensing and geoinformation market. Currently the Chinese market is one of the most challenging consumers and suppliers of geospatial data. This year the conference brought 120 specialists together, representing more than 60 companies from 13 countries.

The conference usually offers a great opportunity for participants to establish business relationships. The team of professional interpreters made communication between participants easy. Russian and foreign companies have signed a number of memoranda of partnership and business cooperation. Agreements on the mutual exchange of remote sensing data for testing were signed between Russia, China, and Kazakhstan. It is safe to say that the conference helped many participating countries develop cooperation within government agencies and between commercial organizations.

Thank You for Your Cooperation

In summing up the past year for our company, we can say that it was quite successful and memorable due to the number of important events and achievements. We thank all of our partners, clients, and users for their cooperation in 2014, and we are looking forward to the continued successful development of our business and friendship!

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