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DPW PHOTOMOD has been translated into Greek language

In cooperation with Greek partner Yannis Yanniris and the Photogrammetry Laboratory of the school of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the Technical University of Athens, Racurs has implemented full localization of PHOTOMOD system in Greek. The translation was mainly conducted by Mrs. Sevi Tapinaki and Alexandra Papadaki both stuff of the Laboratory of Photogrammetry under the supervision of professor Andreas Georgopoulos. This implementation assured the best and correct translation of photogrammetric terms in Greek. The University in return earned the renewal of its two Photomod licenses for one year. We remind that the second license was gained by the University in the Photomod-Lite contest of 2012 for its implementation of PHOTOMOD in its educational procedure.

In addition to Russian, English, Spanish and Chinese localizations PHOTOMOD is now transleted into 5 languages.

Motivation for this hard work was sparked by a numerous users in Greek including government and private companies and leading educational organizations, such as National Technical University of Athens.

Yannis Yanniris, who is sertified PHOTOMOD trainer, is conducting successful PHOTOMOD seminars in Greek for many years.

Moreover, the 9th International Scientific and Technical Conference “From Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologies” was successfully held in 2009 in this amazing country which gave us the word Photogrammetry, from φως (=light), γραμμη (=line) and μετρο (measure).

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