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New version of PHOTOMOD Lite 6.0 is available

PHOTOMOD Lite is a free software package which has all features of PHOTOMOD digital photogrammetric system. The program is intended for photogrammetric processing of the remote sensing data. PHOTOMOD Lite allows exploring wide-ranging possibilities of the PHOTOMOD system and performance of test projects with the users data.

The main difference between the Lite and professional PHOTOMOD versions is a limit in the number of images, vector objects, TIN nodes, breaklines etc. However, PHOTOMOD Lite allows to execute small photogrammetric projects for orthomosaics, DTMs and vector maps creation.

PHOTOMOD Lite is an excellent solution for realization of scientific and educational projects and can be used for training of engineers and students. The program is not intended for commercial use.

PHOTOMOD 6.0 is developed on the base of the new platform which allows speedier data processing, implements unique algorithms and includes user requested features. The updated system is not only the full changeover to a 64-bit system but also the base for the future development.

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