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The new version 6.1 of the PHOTOMOD software family has been released

The new version 6.1 delivers the new dense DSM creation algorithm (SGM), the ability to calculate volumes of embankments and excavations when comparing two DEMs. Also the version provides support of VNREDSat-1, DubaiSat-2 and KazEOSat imagery, as well as enhanced possibilities of vector and raster data processing.

  • Dense DSM creation algorithm

    PHOTOMOD dDSM enables to build dense digital surface models with a cell size corresponding to 1 pixel of image. PHOTOMOD provides two methods of dDSM generation: Deformating method (IDM) and the new Semi-Global Matching (SGM) method. The method supports a wide range of input data: aerial central projection images, UAS data, pushbroom scanner imagery, VisionMap and ADS data.

    The SGM method simplifies creation of high resolution 3D city models which can be used for multitude of purposes in a growing number of different application domains, for example: urban planning and architecture, emergency management, geodesign, gaming, cultural heritage preservation, property management, navigation, augmented reality. Moreover, 3D models enhance possibilities of spatial analysis and become an essential part of Spatial Data Infrastructure.

    SGM method

    IDM method

  • Volumes calculation of embankments and excavations when comparing two DEMs

See here for other improvements.

Download new versions by the link.

Upgraded PHOTOMOD 6.1 documentation set.

Control your PHOTOMOD license structure of modules and period of technical support validity with the Personal account service.

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