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PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator is now available for Android.

PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator performs coordinate transformations according to Russian State Standard GOST R 51794-2001 and Interstate Standard GOST 32453-2013 (GOST R 51794-2008) between Cartesian geocentric and geodetic (latitude, longitude, height above the ellipsoid) reference frames based upon geodetic datums WGS 84, Pulkovo 42, Pulkovo 95, PZ-90 and PZ-90.02, as well as projected coordinate systems SK-42 and SK-95 (based on Gauss-Kruger map projection). In addition some transformations not covered by Russian State Standards are supported, namely ones involving WGS 84/UTM reference system and EGM96 geoid model.

Coordinates to be transformed can be typed-in manually, measured in Google Maps or set to the current device location.

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