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Racurs has been awarded as the Best Software Partner of the SI Imaging Services during the KOMPSAT Reseller Meeting

The 3rd partner conference of SI Imaging Service Company – the exclusive distributor of KOMPSAT data, took place in Seoul from 15 to 18 of May 2018.

Representatives of more than 25 companies from different countries, generally from Asia, participated in the meeting.

The conference program included two days of sessions. On the first day representatives of KARI and SI Imaging Service talked about the plans for the KOMPSAT satellite group development, which will be supplemented by a KOMPSAT-7 optical satellite (planned launch in 2021) with 30 cm resolution, a sub-meter radar satellite KOMPSAT-6 (planned launch in 2020) with possibility of dual and quad polarization, and also two small satellites of CAS series weighing about 500 kg and 50 cm resolution (planned launch in 2018-19).

SIIS specialists are actively working on improving the quality of satellites in operation. So, due to post-processing of navigation information the positioning accuracy of KOMPSAT 3/3A imageries was significantly improved, a new 1O processing level convenient for subsequent orthorectifi cation was presented. A new receiving station in South-East Asia has been put into the service; this will increase the efficiency of data operation. A number of updates and improvements have also affected radar satellite KOMPSAT-5 which is expected to expand the range of products and services based on it.

The second day of the conference was devoted to the experience of KOMPSAT data partners.

In addition to the technical aspects of processing and supporting KOMPSAT imageries in PHOTOMOD, representative of RACURS Alexander Chekurin told about projects implemented jointly with SI Imaging Service, among which it is necessary to notice the creation of National GIS of Republic of Uzbekistan.

In the frame of this project SI Imaging Service supplied KOMPSAT 3/3A imageries (mostly received in stereo mode) to the whole territory of Uzbekistan (447 400 sq.km), and RACURS put into the service 60 workplaces for stereophotogrammetric processing of remote sensing data.

Cooperation of SI Imaging Service as data operator, and RACURS as the supplier of data processing technologies, undoubtedly, made the project realization successful. In particular, new PHOTOMOD possibilities of non single-pass stereo data processing allowed to efficiency use of multy-seasonal imagery, and to complete the project in time.

The conference ended with the traditional awarding to SI Imaging Service partners in different nominations. RACURS was recognized as the best partner in Software Award.

Successful partnership of SI Imaging Service and RACURS is an example of the synergy of complementary technologies: remote sensing data acquisition and photogrammetric data processing.

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