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PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic is powerful software solution for combining georeferenced images from any sources into single seamless, color-balanced, geometrically perfect mosaic.

You do not need any third-party products. PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic is a complete solution. All necessary tools for the best mosaicking are included.
PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic is intended for working with various types of georeferenced digital images, including aerial and space imagery as well as digitized raster maps. You can make georeferencing of raster images, using productivity tools of PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic.

Input/output formats.
The list of input/output file formats includes: TIFF/GeoTIFF, BMP, GIS Map 2011 RSW, IMG (IGE), NITF, JPEG, DGN, PIX, JPEG 2000 with georeferencing files (ArcWorld, MapInfo TAB, PHOTOMOD GEO).
PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic supports multi-channel imagery of unlimited size with arbitrary output channel combinations.

PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic basic capabilities

  • Creating high-precision mosaics from any number of orthorectified images (tens of thousands source images can be processed)
  • Building precise mosaics from georeferenced images of various formats
  • Image processing:
    Radiometric image enhancements (filters, color/brightness/contrast balancing, histogram adjustment, etc.)
  • Seam line creation:
    New fully automatic seam line creation algorithm respecting object outlines and image discontinuities for the highest quality of target mosaic
    Manual seam line creation and editing
  • Automatic tiling of the mosaic:
    Single sheet creation (sheet border can be defined by user as well as it can be like imagery block outline)
    Automatic slicing into sheets using image outlines
    Automatic slicing mosaic into user defined sheets
  • Automatic control points creation
  • Images superposition (alignment) using tie points:
    Manual entering of tie points
    Automatic tie points measurement with autocorrelation control

    PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic

    PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic User Manual in PDF format

  • Specifying pixel size
  • Transforming images from one coordinate system to another
  • Block-wide brightness/color/contrast balancing (by average, by user-defined image from project, by arbitrary standard image) and seams feathering for seamless brightness/color/contrast balanced mosaicking
  • Specifying custom printing scale
  • Rotating output mosaic at an arbitrary angle in any direction

Additional capabilities

  • Perform multi-layer 2D vectorization with semantic information creation
  • Support for PHOTOMOD StereoDraw or PHOTOMOD StereoVectOr map classifier
  • Extensive database of coordinate systems supplied or custom created
  • Batch recalculation of control points coordinates into required coordinate system
  • Georeference and superimpose images and raster maps, orthophotos, vector data and web maps
  • GPS receiver can be connected for direct acquiring of control points, on-line viewing of position and movement course on georeferenced images

And more

  • Support for both files and PHOTOMOD resources
  • Powerful toolset for seam lines, tie points, sheets and other vector data editing
  • Import/export of vector objects (seam-lines, sheets lines, control points) in following formats: DGN, DXF, MIF/MID, Shape, KML, Generate, ATLAS KLT, LAS, LIG, ASCII, ASCII-A, CSV, VectOr and others

Key features of PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic

  • Flexible distributed processing for effective utilization of all available computing capacities (multicore processors, multi-processor systems, network functionality), maximizing operating speed.
  • On-the-fly preview of final mosaic (immediately reflecting changes in seam-lines, tie points and brightness adjustment) to control quality of the output product in real time.

Benefits. Increase quality and volume of digital image mosaic production using PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic

  • High productive capacity and efficiency: use of the distributed processing technologies and support of high-efficiency computing capacities increases workflow efficiency
  • High quality guaranteed by use of sophisticated image processing algorithms
  • Scalability: unlimited sized rasters and blocks of tens thousands images are supported
  • Profitability: low expense — high-quality of digital image mosaic production
  • Actuality: software development using the latest technologies
  • Easy to use software: user friendly interface — no extensive training required
  • Effective technical support: support and accompany customers step by step
  • Flexibility: easy integration with any third party workflow

PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic webinar video

  • High speed and quality of automatic cutlines
  • Stitching refinement with tie points
  • Orthomosaic creation
  • Generation of splitting into sheets with given naming

PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic. New Opportunities


PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic Lite

PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic Lite is included with the main PHOTOMOD Lite system installer and is not packaged separately.
PHOTOMOD Lite is a free software package which has all features of DPW PHOTOMOD. The main difference between the Lite and professional PHOTOMOD versions is a limit on the number of images and images size.

List of limitations of the PHOTOMOD Lite version

  • Only work with files and resources located on a local computer hard drive is possible; centralized management folder is disabled.
  • Working with ADS40 and VisionMap SLF projects is disabled.
  • Maximum number of images in a project: 40 — for central projection imagery, 2 — for pushbroom satellite imagery.
  • Processing of vector data (vectors, TINs, breaklines, contours, etc.) is possible for files/layers containing not more than 50000 points and 500 line objects.
  • Maximum number of images in a PHOTOMOD Mosaic project is limited to 40.
  • Maximum DEM size is 800x800 cells.
  • Maximum output orthomosaic size is 50 MPix.
  • Maximum number of tasks in the distributed processing is limited to 10; distributed processing can be run on one local computer only.
  • Maximum number of images in a PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic project is limited to 20, maximum source images size is 20 MPix.
  • In ScanCorrect, images transformation is disabled.

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