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XXI Congress ISPRS

Racurs company took part in the XXI Congress of ISPRS, which was held from 2 till 11 July in Beijing.

ISPRS Congress - the largest event in the international market for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, which, like the Olympic Games, is held every 4 years in different countries. As part of the Congress a scientific conference, exhibition and a number of other activities were held.

Full details of the congress are available on the Internet at: www.isprs2008-beijing.org.

Within the frame of the exhibition Racurs company demonstrated the latest versions of the PHOTOMOD software, in particular version 4.4 and new module of field support for aerial survey - PHOTOMOD GCP Survey. Module is intended for planning control points location and measuring their coordinates in the field. The great interest of visitors aroused stereo monitor LcReflex-2002 made in Russia, which was shown outside Russia for the first time.

The scientific program of Congress was, as always, extensive.

Many reports were focused on the standardization of spatial data - in particular, on «European Spatial Data Infrastructure» project and Internet access to spatial data.

In the area of receiving and processing digital aerial photography there is an apparent movement towards combining traditional nadir images with oblique images got in high angles (~ 45 °). Such images make it possible to build realistic 3D models of cities with texture of building walls taken from oblique images. For non-specialists in cartography and GIS (military, firefighters, police...) combining oblique images with vector or orthophoto maps allows using special software to receive understandable visual representation of places of interest and conduct simple measurements on oblique images (size of windows, height of buildings, distance between buildings).

An international standard ISO 19130 on models of sensors, which is scheduled for 2009, promises to be a major step forward in the standardization of remote sensing data; probably, following it by suppliers of data will make possible a universal format for orientation elements of scanned images, obviating the need for special procedures of data entry for specific imaging system.

A significant portion of scientific communications was made by representatives of People's Republic of China.

The exhibition was attended by 97 exhibitor companies which have presented recent developments in the field of receiving, handling and use of spatial data. The most recent models of digital aerial survey sensors were demonstrated, such as ADS80 (Leica), DMC (Intergraph), UltraCamx (Microsoft), DiMAC (DiMAC Systems), 3-DAS-1 (Wehrli / GeoSystem), JAS 150 (Jena-Optronik GmbH) and others.

Stereo LCD displays of the new generation, including Planar (Planar Systems), True3Di (Redrover) and russian-made LcReflex, became evident news. These monitors could be seen at the stands of photogrammetric systems suppliers as well as at the stands of companies producing these monitors.

A noticeable part of the exhibition was occupied by booths of Chinese companies - more than a third of the total number. At these stands, original digital cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles and software were presented, all developed in China. Chinese companies engaged in processing of RS data have almost no need in foreign technology, relying upon their own developments.

Russia was represented at the exhibition by «Ракурс», «ScanEx» and «Geokosmos».

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