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Photogrammetric service

We are armed with sufficient technical and human resources to implement projects of practically any size and complexity.
During recent years, Racurs' production department has completed a number of commercial orders for photogrammetric projects by both state and private interests within Russia and abroad. Digital and analogous, airborne and satellite imagery have been used as input data to obtain digital terrain models, 3D vectors and orthomosaics in accordance with customer requirements.

We offer all digital photogrammetric production services, including:

  • Digital aerotriangulation and adjustment;
  • DTM and orthophoto production;
  • Stereo and mono feature collection.

Some examples of completed projects:

  • Many thousands of orthomaps at 1:2000, 1:5000, 1:10000, and 1:25000 scales were created in 2007 — 2015 for the Russian land cadastre system.
  • DEM, orthoimaging and 3D digitizing of Kawasaki and Nagano regions (Japan), 2005.
    More than 200 archival images from 1946 were processed. Five various photo cameras were used in one project.
  • BD Topo (France, Institut Geographique National) project for creation of a topographic database, 2005.
    Twenty-five blocks with a total area ~ 25000 km2 (or ~ 4.5% of the total territory of France) were processed. Altogether, about 50 operators were trained and engaged in this project (more...).
  • DEM and orthomosaic of Budapest (Hungary).
    Totally, about 400 images were produced.
  • Aerial survey data processing for electric power lines (Russia), 2002.
    More than 6000 images in 130 strips were processed with creation of digital topomaps for the area of interest along the power line route (more...).
The majority of mapping works during the creation of the land cadastre in Russia was implemented using PHOTOMOD software.

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