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Ship detection processor

Ship detection processor is designated for processing of spaceborne radar images acquired over sea and ocean surface in part of ships finding and evaluation of their most valuable parameters, the like of speed of ships, their sizes, and cartographical coordinates.

The speed evaluation is possible under condition of presence of the swirl from detected ship on the image.

Input data for processor are the radar images processed up to complex format in slant range projection or to amplitude images in ground range projection (georeferenced).

The output of processor’s operation is the vector layer in SHP format which contains marks of detected ships and textual file with list of detected ships and evaluated parameters. Implemented into processor algorithm allows to find ships on marine surface automatically, however operator has possibility to edit the list of detected objects or to mark interested objects by oneself.

The applied algorithm of ships speed evaluation is based on Doppler shift effect, which consists in displacement of mark from moving object on radar image concerning stable surface. In marine surface case the displacement between ship mark and its swirl is taking account. Processor calculate liner speed of ship and moving direction automatically with use of satellite position, radar characteristics, and survey geometry which he get from image auxiliary parameters.

The evaluated sizes of ships could be edited by operator interactively on the image taking account brightness fluctuations and double reflection effects.

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