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Polarimetric processor

Polarimetric processor realizes the technique of joint processing of images acquired with different signal polarization. In common case it allows to classify the resolution cells on images upon their physical properties.

Input data for polarimetric processor are the radar images presented in complex format, path coordinate system, in slant range projection.

Processor has deal both with full polarimetric matrix (four combination of polarizations for transmited and received signals) on input and with incomplete polarimetric matrix (two combination).

In second case classification quality will worse than in first one. Processor consists of processing stages chain and has tabsheet form. Adjustments for each of stages are placed on corresponding interface. Processor allows to select the interested area from full input scene, to set the polarimetric basis via adjustment of orientation angle, ellipticity, and phase, to calculate polarimetric descriptor, to perform filtering of coherency matrix, to make decomposition of descriptor, and to carry out iterative classification according Wishart approach.

User has possibility to adapt processing conditions according content of input scene.

The result of processor operations is the set of raster files after classification under H/a, Wishart-H/a, Wishart-H/A/a approaches which brightness levels correspond to eight or sixteen classes of imaged surface in accordance with their physical properties.

As an additional option processor forms pseudocolor layers of backscattering matrix with use of Pauli and Sinclair coding.

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