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Software tool of coherent change detection

Software tool of coherent change detection intended for acquiring of data on ground surface backscattering properties variation on time interval between two acquisition made under interferometric conditions.

Realized in software approach to change detection is based on analysis of differential phase or so called coherency information derived by processing of interferometric pair of images. It's well known that the phase properties of backscattered signal depend of ground surface roughness on scale of radar wavelength that cover the range from 3 up to 30 cm. This means that the millimeter's scale changes could be extracted via analysis of coherency.

Software of coherent change detection could be utilized for monitoring of number of processes such as deforestation, vegetation growth, farm works, coastal line changing, and floods. Under some conditions the tracks of moving vehicles could be detected.

As input data for coherent change detector the pair of images acquired under interferommetric conditions should be used. The result of software operation is the set raster and vector maps in cartographic projection which characterize the millimeter's scale changing on surface during time between two acquisitions.

Implemented in software dedicated algorithms allow to reject phase noise and aggregate target responses.

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