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PHOTOMOD Lite is a free software package which has all features of PHOTOMOD digital photogrammetric system. The program is intended for photogrammetric processing of the remote sensing data. PHOTOMOD Lite allows exploring wide-ranging possibilities of the PHOTOMOD system and performance of test projects with the users data.

The main difference between the Lite and professional PHOTOMOD versions is a limit in the number of images, vector objects, TIN nodes, breaklines etc. However, PHOTOMOD Lite allows to execute small photogrammetric projects for orthomosaics, DTMs and vector maps creation.

PHOTOMOD Lite is an excellent solution for realization of scientific and educational projects and can be used for training of engineers and students. The program is not intended for commercial use.

Technical support is not provided. If you require technical support, please use the support forum to ask your question.

List of limitations of the PHOTOMOD Lite version

  • Only work with files and resources located on a local computer hard drive is possible; centralized management folder is disabled.
  • Working with ADS40/80/100 is disabled.
  • Maximum number of images in a project: 40 — for central projection imagery, 2 — for pushbroom satellite imagery, 2 — for VisionMap A3 camera (SLF).
  • Processing of vector data (vectors, TINs, breaklines, contours, etc.) is possible for files/layers containing not more than 50000 points and 500 polyline objects.
  • Maximum DEM size is 1000x1000 cells.
  • Maximum output orthomosaic size is 50 MPix.
  • Maximum number of tasks in the distributed processing is limited to 10; distributed processing can be run on one local computer only.
  • Maximum number of images in a PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic project is limited to 20, maximum source images size is 20 MPix.

PHOTOMOD Lite Case Studies:

The training videos are available on the Training.Webinars YouTube channel

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