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New certified users of PHOTOMOD system in Europe.

The specialists of CIS (Germany), Eurobit (Italy) and GEODIS (Czech Republic)/PHOTOMAP (Slovakia) are now among the certified users of PHOTOMOD system in Europe.

For a week the specialists of European companies were taking a basic course on the newer version of PHOTOMOD system (version 5.1) at the RACURS Training Center. Among the new features of the version 5.1 are: GPGPU technology support; new algorithm of DTM building and filtering; lidar data converting to DEM of unlimited size, and many other useful ones. The new features of version 5.1 significantly increase the operator’s working efficiency, thereby reducing the project accomplishment time.

Having a certified specialist gives a company a number of advantages. A certified specialist can share professional experiences with his colleagues, suggest effective ways of working and inform about new features of the software system, so that the efficiency of the photogrammetric process can be increased.

Having a certified specialist lets a dealer company offer first line technical support to users on a brand new quality level, which helps in promoting PHOTOMOD system on a local market.

The RACURS Company provides certified specialists with educational and information materials, and engage them for co-projects implementations.

For all information about the training process please refer to Kristina Serebryakova: serebryakova@racurs.ru, +7 (495) 720-51-27.

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