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Racurs Company Annual Review 2011

Last year was full of significant events in geospatial industry in Russia and the world market of Geoinformatics that positively influenced on development of Racurs Company. Only in Russia 9 new organizations — PHOTOMOD users appeared. As a result, total number of organizations using PHOTOMOD exceeded 280 and the number of network and local licenses involved in production — 740. Such countries as Swaziland and Ecuador are now on the PHOTOMOD users map. The total amount of foreign users is more than 260.

Distribution agreements with Geomatica Ingenieria (Columbia), Navayuga Middle East (UAE), Galantis (USA) were concluded.

The software package PHOTOMOD continued its development, expanding its functionality and raising the productivity of photogrammetric processes. The current version 5.21 offers users new algorithms of automatic triangulation for UAV data, creation of three-dimensional terrain model with texture in new 3D-Mod module, improved technology of distributed processing. Potentials of this version were appreciated with the highest award of the contest “Gold Medal” — big gold medal of international exhibition “Geo-Siberia 2011”.

Number of perspective research projects was carried out with participation of Racurs specialists. It is worth noting project Uragan (Hurricane) and processing of Earth images, obtained from ISS board, project KLIVT for studying small solar system bodies, project Krechet and creation of proving ground for UAV testing, usable for mapping and territory monitoring.

New form of users training via interactive webinars and video lessons both on Russian and English languages was successfully implemented.

In 2011 sales group of RSD executed number of big orders on images delivery for own projects realization and for the third-party customers needs. Hundreds of images obtained by sensors GeoEye-1, IKONOS, QuickBird, WorldView-1,2 for the territory more than 700000 sq.m. were supplied.

Racurs participated in all most significant for Russian geoinformatics market events of the last year: Geoform+ 2011, Geo-Siberia 2011, “Earth from Space — the Most Effective Solutions”, “Remote Sensing — the Synergy of High Technologies”. Achievements of the Company were demonstrated at the exhibitions abroad: Geospatial World Forum (India), INTERGEO 2011 (Germany) and Russian-Chinese seminar of PHOTOMOD technologies. The 11th International Scientific and Technical Conference “From Imagery to Map: Digital Photogrammetric Technologies” was successfully carried out. In 2011 the Conference was held in Spain and gathered 120 managers and specialists from industrial enterprises and academic institutions from 21 countries.

We thank all our partners, colleagues and clients for their co-operation in 2011 and we are looking forward for its continuation and development in 2012!

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